SIL-LUB PL is Rust preventive and metallic boundary coating lubricant. It penetrate frees rusted pins, etc. SIL-LUB PL lubricates deeply into linkage to reduce friction on pins, rollers, bushings and other pressure surfaces and plates. SIL-LUB PL roll the load to all metal parts.

SIL-LUB PL features the above listed 3 exceptional, built in quality. The ability to creep into the smallest openings, the coating to all parts of magnetic rust preventive and the plating of all parts. With metallic solids SIL-LUB PL roll the load and withstand load pressure of over 100,000 PSI makes it the outstanding product it is. It is resists abrasion and contaminants plus 95% of all acids.

SIL-LUB PL is a completely homogenous, colloidally blended compound, therefore no mixing to use it and it will not separate. It is stable under all conditions, and can with stand temperature from -40C to 200C.

Typical Specification

  Viscosity SSU @ 40°C 83
  Flash Point °C 230
  Fire Point °C 240
  Pour Point °C -40
  Surface tension dynes CM max 32
  Corrosion Nil
  Water              Nil
  Carbon residue % max 02
  Ash content % max 08
  Shelf Life 9 Months