Corrosion protection-Rust loosener Water repellent – Lubricant
SIL-LUB-20 is a highly effective multi-purpose product for the maintenance, assembly and disassembly of machines and other technical equipment in industry as well as for land, sea and air vehicles. Additionally, it offers a reliable corrosion protection for machines and machine elements during intermediate storage and during transportation.

SIL-LUB-20 is characterized by quick penetration even in areas difficult to access, loosens rusted screw connection as well as other components, thus facilitating disassembly. Due to its good adhesive properties to all metallic surfaces, it provides excellent corrosion protection. Its water displacing properties protect electric equipment from malfunction caused by moisture. SIL-LUB-20 is filled in spray cans with non-polluting eco friendly propellant and allows spraying in any position without loss of pressure.

Dies, chucks and drilling equipment, fittings tools and machine, Metallic parts in aircraft, automobiles, boats, locks, building machines, cranes. In the non-destructive disassembly of rusted screw connections and other components. In the non-destructive disassembly of rusted screw connections and other components. All metallic parts that are manufactured, transported or stores.
Electrical and electronic components, connectors, relays, switches, and fine precision instruments. To displace moist in electrical components.
To improve ease of movements and wear protection of locks, hinges, chains, and connecting elements.

Apply SIL-LUB-20 to rusty, moist or tight components and allow penetrating for minutes. If necessary, repeat. For corrosion protection, apply SIL-LUB-20 to clean areas thinly and evenly. Repeat the process from time to time according to the environment condition.

SIL-LUB-20 can cause eye and skin irritation. In the case of problem simply rinse with water.


Colour : Light transparent
Bae : Mineral oils
Specific Gravity : 0.833
Flash Point (Aerosol) : 40°C
Flash Pont (Dry Film) : 240°C
Heat Resistance Film degradation begins at : 150°C
Dielectric Strength : 16 KV
pH : 6.3-6.8
Solvent dissipation : 100% in 4 hours.
Film thickness : 0.60 to 2.00 microns
Corrosion protection (100% humidity) : 25 days.
Corrosion protection (Salt Spray Test) : 30 Hours
Shelf life : 18 months.