SIL-LUB Electro Solv
Contact Cleaner & Degreaser

SIL-LUB Electro Solv Contact Cleaner is a new-non-ozone depleting cleaner and degreaser for electrical and electronic parts. Contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s, Methyl Chloroform, or any other material known to damage stratospheric ozone. It penetrates quickly, is fast evaporating, leaves no residue, is non-conductive and is safe for use on metals and plastics. Formulated specifically for cleaning electrical and electronic parts, equipment and other sensitive mechanisms. SIL-LUB Electro Solv penetrates in to cracks and crevices to remove oils, greases, grim, flux and other contaminants.

Use on tuners, tape heads, connectors, contacts, office equipments, printed circuits, switches, relays, controls, semi-conductors, breakers, and numerous application.

* Non-conductive * No Residue * ODC free * Fast evaporation

Direction: Can temperature should be 15°C or warmer. Insert plastic extender tube into spray tip for pin-point control and elimination of overspray. Spray electrical equipment and allow 30 seconds for soil and other deposits to soften. Flush away soil with second spraying. Allow to dry thoroughly before restarting or reusing equipment.


T y p i c a l S p e c i f I c a t i o n s
Appearance Clear Liquid
Flash Point 32°C.
Flash Point (dry film, open cup) 240°C.
Freezing Point None
Specific Gravity, g/cc @60/60°F. 0.66
Dielectric Strength, KV 25
pH 6.6
Film thickness 0.75 to 2.00 microns
Self Life One Year