SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Chain Oil

Jagdish & Sons is a major supplier of synthetic high temperature Oils & Greases. Our main aim is help you to find most cost effective solution to meet the technical requirements for your application.

SIL-LUB H.T.700 High Temperature Chain Oils will penetrate the recessed areas in the chain rollers to provide wear and corrosion protection. It will reduce chain stretching. SIL-LUB H.T.700 Oils are also suitable for cable for cable lubrication. It will creep all through the cable to provide exceptional wear & corrosion resistance.
SIL-LUB H.T.700 Oils are supreme performance synthetic high temperature lubricant designed specifically for lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens and similar severe applications. This product is formulated using a carefully balanced blend of high-molecular-weight synthetic ester base fluid plus very effective anti-wear additives & Molybdenum di-sulphide / PTFE Solid lubricant. SIL-LUB H.T. 700 reduces carbon build-up and extends cleaning intervals.
SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils are used in all tough, high temperature chain applications. The lubricant can be used in paint oven operations because there is no silicone to contaminate components prior to painting and to cause fish-eye imperfections in the paint surface. SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils can be feed to the chain automatically or by hand. The SIL-LUB brand of synthetic lubricants is recognized and appreciated in Industries for its innovation and outstanding performance. The molecular design synthetic products specially chosen for use in the SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils demonstrate the continuing commitment to using advanced technology to provide outstanding products.
SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils were specifically designed to meet the critical high temperature needs of a variety of industrial chain drives where mineral-based and other synthetic products were not able to perform satisfactorily. SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils offers the following features and potential benefits:


Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Outstanding high-temperature performance
  • Keeps chains clean and free of carbon build-up with resulting reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity
    Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Significantly reduced wear of chain, pinion, bearings
  • Fewer stoppages for repairs and component changes leading to lower maintenance and labour costs
Reduced lubricant consumption and potential Lower energy consumption reduces operational costs
Less smoke produced Improved operational safety


  • Applications: Application Considerations: Before changing to SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils, existing deposits on the chains should be removed, if practical, to ensure optimum performance of the SIL-LUB product. Application nozzles should be free from deposits and properly positioned. Lubricant feed rates should be monitored to prevent deposit formation and to control lubricant consumption.SIL-LUB H.T. 700 Oils are suitable for the lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens and tenter frames used in applications such as:

  • Fiber glass insulation manufacture

  • Particleboard, plastics and textiles manufacture
  • Typical Properties SIL-LUB H.T.700 SIL-LUB H.T.700 (P) SIL-LUB H.T.700 (M)
    Colour Pale yellow Hazy Yellow Black/ Grey
    Kinematics Viscosity      
      CST @ 40ºC 90 90 90
      CST @ 100ºC 11 11 11
    Viscosity Index 120 120 120
    Flash Point ºC 260 260 260
    Fire Point ºC 270 270 270
    Density 0.86 0.89 0.89
    Pour point º C -32 -32 -32
    Ash Content Nil 0.04% 0.045%

    The above are typical specifications and are subject to the usual manufacturing tolerances. JAGDISH & SONS, is not responsible for the misuse or the misapplication of our products.