R. P. Oil 1011:

Our experience indicates that the importance and value of mechanical pump oil is often neglected. We found mechanical pump oil attract a sufficient source of contamination. Also observe, many customers were using wide variety of oils, from general purpose industrial oils to commercial grade vacuum oils. When this users change to oil more suitable to their application, they have found more of following:

Reduce pumping times
Longer oil service life
Cooler running pumps
Less total maintenance cost

JAGDISH & SONS has gain considerable field experience by maintaining close contacts with users, who have specific problems.

R.P.Oil 1011 is mineral base rotary pump oil, having High Oxidation resistance by which fluid will not damage by repeated exposure to air at operating temperature. It has got High thermal resistance. R.P.Oil 1011 is versatile, it enables customers to obtain the best performance from mechanical pump under different application condition. It is solvent refined to reduce carcinogenic risk. It is specially prepare for high vacuum use having low vapor pressure at high temperature.

It reduce back streaming compare to un-distilled refinery products.
R.P.Oil has no aromatics or viscosity improvers that are last during oil filtration compare to undistilled vacuum pump fluids. R.P.Oil 1011 will provide excellent lubricity, oxidation resistance lower vapor pressure & more fluid life.

Application Procedure: Before charging the mechanical pump with R.P.Oil 1011, pump should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent to achieve maximum advantage.


Specifications :
Vapor Pressure 25°C 4X 10-4 torr
Boiling Point @.01 torr 127°C.
Viscosity at 25°C 170 CST
Viscosity at 40°C. 95 CST
Viscosity at 100°C 10 CST
Pour Point -10°C.
Flash Point 224°C.
Fire Point 250°C.
Density 0.86 g/ml.