High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

SIL-LUB CBA provides protection against seizure, galling and heat-freeze. Its high content of copper particles prevents metal-to-metal contact, maintains lubrication qualities under wide variations of temperature, expansion, contraction, and cyclic pressure and loadings.


SIL-LUB CBA has a high content of micro-seize, pure copper flakes that are homogenized into non-melting, non-volatile grease. It contains no lead or graphite, doesn’t require mixing and will not separate, settle out, harden, or dry out in storage. It is fortified with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors.

SIL-LUB CBA is easy to use, brushes on readily and adheres tenaciously – even on wet or oily surfaces. It brushes evenly into thread roots and over any surface, assuring complete and efficient coverage. It can be applied directly to hot surfaces without running off, dripping or thinning out.

SIL-LUB CBA is specially formulated for stainless steel fittings, protecting them from pitting and breakage. It works equally well on a wide range of similar and dissimilar metals and mating parts, including steel, cast iron, brass, copper, plastics, titanium, gasket materials.

HIGH TEMPERATURE ANTI-SEIZE compound for threaded or flanged connections in internal combustion and jet engines. Use with heat exchangers, furnaces, and other high temperature application.

Studs Screws Bushings
Nuts-Slides Flanges Bolts
Press Fits Sliding Surfaces

ELECTRICALS: Recommended for all types of electrical connection, storage batteries, etc. where excellent conductivity required.

NOTE: Not for use with Oxygen or LPG lines.

Lead Free
Protects against seizure, heat-freeze, galling, rust and corrosion.
Ideal for use on stainless steel for joining dissimilar metals
Brushes on easily
Highly adhesive to both wet and dry surfaces.
“Copper Plates” to prevent metal-to-metal contact.
Will not run, drip or settle out
Colour – Copper.


Grease Carrier Organo Clay
Dropping Point (ASTM-D566) None
Service temp. -50°C to 982°C
Water Spray-Off (ASTM D-4049) <20%
Density (Kg./Lit.) 1.17
Specific Gravity 1.17
Oil Separation, wt% loss <2.0
Penetration (ASTM D-217)
25?C 265-295
-18?C 200
NLGI Grade 2
Coefficient of Friction
(1 “ 316 Stainless steel) 0.12
Evaporation loss Wt%
24 Hours at 100?C <1.0
Copper Strip Corrosion 1A
(ASTM D-4048)