Silicone Heat Sink Compound


SIL-LUB 65 Heat Sink Compound is typically a white paste. It is Silicone base grease like material, which improve the thermal connection between the processor and heat sink. A thin layer of this is spread between the two, which greatly improves heat transfer and the cooling.

SIL-LUB 65 is recommended as a heat transfer medium for use with all electronic components such as power transistors, diodes, resistors, etc. Type 65 is created to meet the need for a non-contaminating and more efficient thermal transfer compound. It has a life

expectancy far exceeding that of all known types of electronic circuitry in both normal and extreme environments.

SIL-LUB 65 is high-efficiency heat transfer compound. It ensures smooth contact and heat removal. It removes air gaps between microprocessors and heat sink.

Application Instructions: Use a wood stick to apply a small quantity of the thermal compound on the heat sink where contact is made with the processor. The contact area is much smaller than the physical size of the cooler and the processor. Spread the compound slightly on the heat sink to cover the contact area with a thin film. Attach the heat sink to the processor. Move the heat sink slightly and gently against the processor. The goal is to eliminate the air gap. The heat generated by the processor once running will help dispersing the compound evenly. Do not over apply the paste.

Uses: Transistors, Diodes, rectifiers, transformers, processors.


Typical Specification:  
Colour White
Texture Smooth
Penetration, worked 0.1mm 280
Dropping Point Deg. C 250
Bleed at 24 hrs @ 200 Deg.C 0.1%
Evaporation at 24 hrs @ 200 Deg. C : 0.3%
Dielectric Strength 600 vol/mil
Dielectric Constant, 50 Hz 4.95
Dielectric Constant, 100 Hz : 4.90
Breakage Voltage 0.01” gap : 6100 volts
Thermal conductivity, 36°C

1.8 x 10-3 cal/sec/cm-1°K