‘SIL-LUB Graphite+’ is the state of the art in a high temperature grease. It is specially formulated, as a high temperature lubricant to be applied where a conventional soap-thickened or so-called NON MELT, clay thickened grease will not provide adequate performance. ‘SIL-LUB Graphite+’ is a synthetically thickened grease which employs a high thermal stable synthetic base oil. SIL-LUB Graphite + will not oxidize as a petroleum oil/grease at elevated temperature.

‘SIL-LUB Graphite+’ is extreme high temperature grease is recommended for use where continuous operating temperature exceed 540°C / 1200°F. The maximum continuous operating temperature for ‘SIL-LUB Graphite+’ is 625°C. however, higher temperatures on an intermittent base are acceptable to 650°C. it can be used with confidence where conventional grease carbonize or harden due to extreme elevated temperatures.


Typical Characteristics  
N.L.G.I. Consistency : Grade#2
Colour Black
Base Oil Synthetic
Appearance Smooth
Solid Contains Graphite
Penetration 265-295
Working Temp -10°C to 650°C
Flash Point 650°C
Drop Point None



The above are typical specifications and are subject to the usual manufacturing tolerances. JAGDISH & SONS is not responsible for the misuse or the misapplication of our products.