SIL-LUB H.T.-600 Synthetic Non-Melt grease is a high temperature bearing grease, formulated with highly refined, synthetically fortified fluids, and then tested and proven to exceed 75 pounds Timken for extreme pressure (EP) loading. It is then combined with Sub-micron sized metallic particles in a colloidal suspension and then compounded into solid grease, using the finest saponifiers. JAGDISH & SONS’s homogenization process stabilize the base grease compound, so that very satisfactory results are obtained at extreme high speed and extreme pressure bearing application.

SIL-LUB H.T.600 grease is formulated so that it will not form hard carbon deposits and will help to eliminate both rust and corrosion. Because of Synthetic additives that are blended into it, H.T.-600 will not bleed or run off due to EP or High Temperature application. It is also extremely Water Resistant and is recommended for use in bearings on machinery that is subject to wet conditions or exposed to large amount of water.


N.L.G.I. Consistency Grade # 2
Worked Penetration 250-260
Melting Point Will not melt
Oil bake out point 325°C.
Texture Smooth/Tacky
Timken EP Test: OK Load 75 Pounds
Oxidation Stability Good
Wear Resistance Good
Extreme Pressure (EP) performance Excellent
Oil Viscosity @210°F, SUS 140-170
Colour Amber


The above are typical specifications and are subject to the usual manufacturing tolerances. JAGDISH & SONS is not responsible for the misuse or the misapplication of this product.