SIL-LUB 411 Silicone Grease

SIL-LUB 411 grease is Silicone oil thickened with carbon black. Designed primarily use on ball bearing operating under light to moderate loads, this grease will not thin out excessively. It is resistance to oxidation, moisture and corrosive atmospheres. They are also inert, have good shear stability and serviceable at high temperature from -20°C to + 305°C. SIL-LUB 411 is recommended for use in units that must remain operable when subject not only to low and high operating temperatures, but also to severe weathering and oxidation.


SIL-LUB 411 used to lubricate ball and roller bearings operating under light to moderate loads and at low speeds. Typical application include; Antifriction bearings of high-temperature equipment, Oven conveyor bearings, Wheel bearings of core oven carts, Pumps handling molten salts, Governor linkage of steam turbines, Anti-seize for bolts and studs, Ball and socket connections of power insulators.


Conventional grease application methods, like brushing, grease guns or automatic applicators. Care to be taken at all times to prevent dirt from contaminating the lubricant & must be packed in clean metal tins. It should not be applied to surface that are to be painted.

Type : Silicone Oil thickened with Carbon black
Physical Form : Grease
Colour : Black
Penetration, worked 60 strokes : 280
Working Temperature : -20°C to +305°C
Dropping Point : None
Specific Gravity : 1.14
Oxidation Resistance : Good
Water washout resistance, % loss : 0.5
Shelf Life (if store below 25°C) : 24 Months