SIL-LUB 4000 Silicone Grease

Technival Data Sheet

SIL-LUB 4000 is a water repellent, non-melting silicone grease lubricant, with many outstanding properties. Along with its many dielectric advantages, it can also be use as a lubricator for the assembly of Polythene water and fluid pipe work.

SIL-LUB 4000 has no effect on plastic, rubbers or metal and remains essentially unaltered in UV and at temperature between -50C and 230C.

It remains test less, odourless and non-toxic and is class as Environment user's friend product.

SIL-LUB 4000 is mainly used in the construction of plastic and polythene pipe work to and "O" ring assembly acting as a water proof seal on the joint face to the duration of the fixture.

Anti-tracking and corona discharge coating, Water proofing electric systems and major uses in the automotive assembly sector.

Lubricating of "O" rings and seal in pneumatics, compressed air systems and plastic plumbing systems with the construction industries.

Lubrication of instruments, subject to high and low extreme temperatures, centrifuge and autoclave lid seals cold room trolley casters, anti-spare agents, Glass & ceramic stopcock and glad lubricant, High Vacuum Sealing and release agents.

Typical Properties:

  Colour Translucent
  Specific Gravity 1.04
  Worked Penetration 260
  NLGI No. 2
  Working Temperature range -50°C to 250°C
  Flash Point 290°C
  Ignition Point 400°C
  Weight loss 1.2 (24 hrs. at 150°C)
  Arease system Inorganic
  Electric Strength Approx 20 kv/mm.
  Toxicity Non-Toxic
  Shelf Life 1 Year.